Rude Breaker options translation

One of Rude Breaker’s many strengths is the ability to customise the game to your own personal preferences, so it seemed a little… rude (teehee~)… to talk about the game but not give people the ability to get stuck into this important aspect of the experience themselves.

The screenshot on this page shows the default settings. I hope this helps but if anything’s unclear just let me know either through the comments section below or on Twitter.

ECOM0069 2016-07-19 10-41-21-924

  Show high score table  
  Show password*  
Sound test [pick a number, play a sound]  
Difficulty level Very easy/Easy/Normal/Hard/Very hard とても易しい・易しい・通常・難しい・とても難しい
Suicide bullets On/Off  
Ship speed Slow/Normal/Fast 遅い・通常・速い
Manual fire On/Off  
Joystick Don’t use/Use** 使用しない・使用する
Swap fire/option buttons On/Off  
Sound On/Off  
Game speed*** Slow/Normal/Fast 遅い・通常・速い
Graphics/sound processing priority*** Graphics/sound 描画・音
Frameskip*** 1/2/3  

*I assume passwords were to prove you’d got the score you claimed you had as part of some long-forgotten competition

**Irrelevant unless you’re playing on a real PC-98 – leave this as it is

***There’s no reason to ever touch these outside of curiosity