A quick flip through 3DO Magazine

I do love a bit of overseas weirdness, so you can imagine how pleased I was to find a Japanese 3DO magazine with a CGI duck-thing for a mascot! This particular issue is from 1995 - a damned good year for gaming with releases like Ristar, Time Crisis, Tekken 2, Chrono Trigger and Phantasy Star IV showcasing some of the finest games from the 16-bit generation as well as exciting glimpses of the 3D future. As it turns out that glorious future didn’t include the 3DO, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing worth looking at here!

The reason why I splashed out on this particular issue over any of the other equally expensive alternatives wasn’t because of the mascot’s fetching beachwear but the promise of hot D2-on-the-M2 video on the included CD. Thankfully, the issue delivers in the most 90’s ropey-CGI-played-via-no-quality-FMV style possible, as you’ll see at the bottom of this post.

This post’s pretty image-heavy, but I promise it’ll be worth the bandwidth… or at the very least a mildly interesting collection of adverts and a bit of a giggle about what “the future of gaming” meant back in 199X.

The beginning’s always a good place to start, so let’s have a look at the conte… good grief look at that background! I seem to remember Amiga magazines of the era using similarly offensive colour schemes, probably because at this point we were all gripped by the idea that anything created by a computer must look good.

2015-11-13 10.23.212015-11-13 10.24.16

Then there’s a few adverts, but the one I want to draw your attention to is this one for WARP’s Flupon World – a two page spread that’d be weird enough on its own but is elevated to a whole new level when you notice the included sticker sheet that seems to be a window into Kenji Eno’s mind – a 3DO pad sticker, WARP logo, D2M2 sticker (bless…), and, um, a pair (!!) of nipple stickers. No, I’m not exaggerating for comic effect there either.

2015-11-13 10.25.152015-11-13 10.25.292015-11-13 10.25.20

Then we’re on to a look at some upcoming “big” games. Although as you can see, “big game” means something quite different when your chosen format’s a little… lacking… on the software front. Other items of potential interest include the FZ-10 VCD adapter and a rather nice if boxy flight stick.

2015-11-13 10.26.122015-11-13 10.26.202015-11-13 10.26.39

Then it’s on to the features proper, with a look at one Sword & Sorcery (released in the US as Lucienne’s Quest, and ported to the Saturn in Japan too). There’s a playable demo of this on the CD, and it did a fantastic job of killing any interest I ever had in this game. Never mind eh?

2015-11-13 10.26.472015-11-13 10.26.522015-11-13 10.26.59

Then there’s a look at some game by that Metal Gear bloke.

2015-11-13 10.27.062015-11-13 10.27.112015-11-13 10.27.17

In the interests of not wasting your time, let’s just call this “more new stuffs” – some you’ll recognise, some you might not.

2015-11-13 10.27.392015-11-13 10.27.482015-11-13 10.27.542015-11-13 10.28.002015-11-13 10.28.062015-11-13 10.27.22

Towards the back of the magazine there’s the “For ladies and kids” section – as we all know these are two totally interchangeable demographics and this is not at all condescending or insulting to anybody at all.

2015-11-13 10.30.18

But let’s not forget the adults that apparently fall into neither the “lady” or “men the magazine was already made for” categories! They get a page on Virtual Cameraman Part5, the photograph of which I’ve deliberately cropped like this as the majority of the images show bad-quality jpgs of Japanese ladies with their norks out. I have been told that such images are not difficult to come by on the information superhighway, so I imagine this software’s a little redundant. It’s not all seedy business though, as the “adult” section also includes po-faced board game compilations and golf games. Yay.

2015-11-13 10.30.352015-11-13 10.30.42

As if the 3DO wasn’t “future” enough this issue also took a look at the M2, their mythical follow-up console that never was. There’s a bit about D2 and some talk on the sort of exciting tech stuff we used to see in 90’s gaming magazines – mip mapping, in this instance. It’s unfortunately my duty to tell you that the image of the woman in violently pink camo squaring up to a dinosaur is just a mock up shot and not a screen of an actual game.

2015-11-13 10.30.572015-11-13 10.31.032015-11-13 10.31.08

2015-11-13 10.31.172015-11-13 10.31.25

I thought this might be worth a quick look – here are the Japanese 3DO charts for that month! D’s in the top spot, followed by Policenauts Pilot Disc and then the rest are variants of the ladies-showing-their-funbags “game” mentioned earlier and a few board games. So as you can see, it didn’t take much to reach the 3DO’s top ten sellers. 

2015-11-13 10.36.11

It’s not all doom and gloom though! The magazine definitely finishes on a high with this compilation of high quality images taken from the D2 on M2 teaser trailer. We can only hope that one day whatever’s left of this version of the game surfaces for us all to see.

2015-11-13 10.36.59

But wait, we’re not quite done yet! As I hopefully remembered to mention at the start of this post the magazine also came with a demo CD stuffed with playable demos, movies, and a few other bits too! The two videos below are definitely the most important parts, capturing the E3 M2 presentation (looks a little “home made” in comparison to today’s slick events, don’t you think?) and a teaser for D2 that shows no in-game footage whatsoever, and promises it’ll be out in 1996, bless.


There’s not much else to say other than I hope you enjoyed this casual flip through a very old magazine, and please let me know if you’d like to see more like this in the future!