Fanzine frenzy: Deep Fear

Back in 1998 Saturn gamers living anywhere but Japan were having a rather rough time of it, what with the Playstation crushing all in its path and all that. Games that were initially announced as PS/Saturn/PC titles almost without exception became PS1/PC only (Tomb Raider 2 might be a best known example of that) mere months after being announced, and Saturn fans were forced to import from Japan games that had domestic releases (Grandia) on PlayStation or scrabble around local game shops begging them to check the stockroom just one more time in case they had a copy of Burning Rangers/Panzer Dragoon Saga/Shining Force 3/House of the Dead lurking around somewhere.

But Sega fans, especially European Sega fans, are a dedicated l0t and we refused to let go, certain that surely Sega would announce PAL 4MB RAM carts and a Shining Force III trilogy set soon – they had to! Needless to say we never did get those particular wishes, but Sega Europe (and it was only Europe) hadn’t forsaken us yet and graced us with Deep Fear, Sega’s answer to nothing less than the looming Sony-exclusive surefire hit, Resident Evil 2. Sega Saturn Magazine gave it a rather positive review, and while I never did buy it at the time their coverage coupled with its later scarcity and flabberghastingly high second hand value lead me to believe that Sega had done it the right thing back then and given us one final high quality game as a “thank you and goodbye” gift.

I was wrong.

But more to the point, SSM were wrong first.

This re-review, presented in what is hopefully a respectful parody of their writing style, is my attempt to put right what once went wrong.

Deep FearDeep Fear2