The return of the fanzine: Virtual On edition

Last month I had a lot of fun making up a fake magazine spread for Fatal Fury Special, trying to rip off pay tribute to some of my favourite magazines of the 90’s – in particular Super Play and C&VG’s enthusiastic style. This month I wanted to do something similar-but-different, so here’s a little love letter/gentle poke at Edge magazine back when it was so new and fresh that it came sealed in plastic bags, the contents a mystery to anyone unwilling to cough up for their superior paper quality and glossy covers.

As before, the writing is “in character” and my somewhat wobbly attempt to capture the spirit of a magazine that I still enjoy flipping through even today – I hope you enjoy it (and please let me know if you do)!

(By the way, the screenshot quote on the second “page” is lifted from their infamous review of Doom)

VO CopyVO2 Copy