Dragon Quest world prop series 1/1 Loto’s sword

Nobody’s going to mind another Dragon Quest post, right?

2015-03-18 11.34.33

This rather swish looking full-size replica of one of Dragon Quest’s most iconic pieces of cutlery was released in October 2014 for the eye-watering price of ¥21600 (currently worth about £120/$180USD), and going off the title it appeared to be the beginning of a new era of high quality prop-level items from Square Enix – everything looked pretty rosy (and expensive) for Dragon Quest fans.

So why are Japanese retailers now struggling to sell this headline piece of merchandise for a mere ¥8000(ish)? Why are the reviews on Amazon Japan almost entirely negative?

Well, there’s really no getting away from the fact that the quality of this sword in no way matches the original selling price, and even the finish is poor – my sword arrived factory sealed and therefore largely untouched by human hands, and yet it still had some dings on the plastic “blade” and the gold detailing doesn’t quite line up with the sword itself. Now on a cheaper item, or on an item that wasn’t trying to sell itself as a prop replica, this would be forgivable but on a “headline” piece of merchandise that is supposed to retail for the price of a Vita it is not.

The good news is that I was aware of all of these issues before mine arrived and in its beautiful presentation box with the sun shining along the 42 inch sword it does look absolutely fantastic – just don’t look too closely and don’t pay too much if you’d like one for yourself.

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