The King of Fighters Kyo Official Art Book

Original Title
18th Aug 1998
6x8 inches

Released roughly a week before the game of the same name, this 103 page book contains a broad selection of artwork, rough sketches and line art as well as some brief overviews of key elements of the gameplay and a short interview at the back.

The book is split almost in half between colour and monochrome pages, with the colour section having a bonus fold-out poster at the front. Sensibly the monochrome portion of the book is reserved exclusively for line art and a selection of random images from the tie-in The King of Fighters: Kyo manga. The “Character File” section of the book does include a brief bio for all the major cast members (41 in total), although the information contained within is nothing that wouldn’t already be known to the sort of fan that buys an art book for an adventure game based on a fighting game that hasn’t (at the time of release) come out yeyt.

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