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Deep Freeze came out at the tail end of the Playstation’s life, a Japanese exclusive released in January 1999. Although the prerendered background overlaid with polygonal characters is bound to bring to mind Capcom’s Resident Evil series this game is a pure action title all the way, complete with combat rolls, a selection of grenades and a high score table at the end of the game.

The game is divided up into a linear series of missions, all of which take place in completely separate locations. Before starting each mission you’re given the opportunity to look at some basic information about the situation as well as choose an AI-controlled partner from your pool of supporting characters. These partners have their own heath bars and weapon loadouts, and if injured too seriously during play they will be unavailable for use in later missions.  While never directly under your control AI partners can be set to use one of three formations - attack, defend, and special attack – that determine their behaviour towards enemies.

Missions generally involve searching for particular items or keys to unlock new areas or trigger cutscenes. Enemies will endlessly respawn in most locations, occasionally dropping health pickups and grenades when defeated. Any health items collected over the maximum carry amount grant a points bonus that goes towards your end-of-mission score tally instead of refilling your health bar. Rescuing hostages works in a similar way, as they generally are not relevant to the plot but they do offer a points bonus if you take the time to save them.

The game appears to have no sequels or spinoffs, although it was re-released the year after as part of the “SuperLite 1500” budget brand.


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