Septentrion ~Out of the Blue~

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~Out of the Blue~
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Septentrion ~Out of the Blue~ is the 1999 follow-up, but not strictly speaking a sequel, to Human’s 1993 Super Famicom title Septentrion (released in the US as S.O.S.). While both games feature passengers and crew trying to escape a sinking ship as the central plot and gameplay device they are otherwise unrelated.

There are three characters to play as throughout the game, although selection changes at set points as the story progresses rather than being separate paths or a small party that you must switch between as the need arises. During the game other survivors may be discovered and rescued: a good number of these are optional, but certain individuals must be interacted with to proceed, even if they don’t necessarily have to be saved. Player characters and AI-controlled survivors have individual health bars, represented by constellations in the top left corner of the screen. Health is depleted when sliding during extreme ship tilting as well as when running out of air whilst swimming, but can be replenished a limited number of times using items carried by the player characters.

The only other constant UI element is a anchor; the tip of which always points towards the bow of the ship.

Unlike the omnipresent timer in the first game all events in Playstation Septentrion are governed by triggers, making it in practise more of a traditional adventure game than the disaster/survival leanings of the original. It does however retain the Super Famicom game’s gameplay feature of having multiple endings depending on who and how many people you rescue, and at the end there is a complete tally of all passengers and crew with a note recording if they died, survived, or are still missing.

Septentrion ~Out of the Blue~ was reprinted the following year by Hamster, although that would mark the end of the series as there have been no further games or ports since.



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