A little look at… the Knights of Valour PS4 demo

三国戦紀 体験版_20141018192803

I’ve been a big fan of the Knights of Valour series for a while now, so when I heard that it was finally getting some sort of home release after goodness knows how long as an arcade-only series I was more than a bit pleased.

Then I found out that this wasn’t a port of any previous game but an all new Playstation 4 exclusive: that’s a bit of a shame because the others are great, but I can live with that.

Then I found some screenshots and saw it was in low-budget 3D. Well, if that’s what it takes to get the series on home consoles, eh?

Then they announced it was going to be a “free”-to-play game.


 三国戦紀 体験版_20141018194715 三国戦紀 体験版_20141018195202 三国戦紀 体験版_20141018192953

 三国戦紀 体験版_20141018193811三国戦紀 体験版_20141018193126 三国戦紀 体験版_20141018193933

But now the demo’s available for Japanese PS+ subscribers so I got to give it a whirl myself, and from the looks of things it’s just (ha! “just”) like a re-jigged Knights of Valour 3 with the timer removed and a crummy 3D makeover. The demo only has three characters to play as (Guan Yu, Diao Chan and Zhao Yun) and there’s not a whiff of the ominous “free” elements threatened in the previews but by and large it’s very much in the same mould as its excellent predecessor with the same “phat l00tz” system and the sort-of free roaming that makes Knights of Valour 3 the sort of game you can happily play all day.

The truth is that right now they have an excellent base that could be enhanced (remember: free-to-play isn’t inherently evil, folks) or utterly obliterated depending on how they handle the online play and microtransactions, so there’s really not a lot else to comment on until further details emerge. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes on this one no matter what happens, so as soon as something more substantial pops up I’ll write a follow-up to keep everyone in the loop!

三国戦紀 体験版_20141018192835 三国戦紀 体験版_20141018192858三国戦紀 体験版_20141018194840

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