Phantasy Star Online 2 Fashion Parade Vol.1

So I’ve talked about Phantasy Star Online 2 before, praising it for being both a worthy sequel to the original Dreamcast hit as well as being a free to play title that feels like it was actually created as a game first rather than an ad banner delivery service – it’s now been the best part of a year since I made that post and I’m pleased to say that I still stand by all the positive points I raised back then.

So how do you go about celebrating that continued success? With a fashion parade of course! PSO2 is absolutely stuffed to the gills with all sorts of costumes that range from the sublime to the ridiculous – so many that I’ve had to split my own virtual wardrobe into two posts, with this first one covering all the outfits I’ve accumulated so far that are tie-ins with Phantasy Star titles or other videogames and anime licenses. The next batch will be PSO2 originals, typed up whenever I get around to it.

Outfits appear in the order they sorted themselves into in my inventory, which at a quick glance appears to be pretty much the order they were released in - the Japanese names are included so any PC PSO2 players reading this can easily copy/paste the item name into the shop search bar and buy one for yourselves, meseta willing!

If you’re wondering about the location, these screenshots were all taken on the recently-released Episode 3’s new planet Japantown Neudaiz Harukotan.

Having trouble seeing the fine fashion garments below? Don’t forget to click on any of the images to see it full size!

Emilia Replica/エミリア・レプカ
Emilia Percival (Phantasy Star Portable 2)

Guardians F Repca Leaf/ガーディアンズFレプカ葉
Lumia Waber (Phantasy Star Portable 2)

pso20140913_060452_009 pso20140913_060505_010

Hatsune Miku Replica/初音ミク・レプカ
Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)

Sakuya Mode-N Replica/サクヤmodeN・レプカ
Sakuya (Shining Blade)

pso20140913_060523_012 pso20140913_060531_013

Selvaria Replica/セルベリア・レプカ
Selvaria Bles (Valkyria Chronicles)

Arle Replica/アルル・レプカ
Arle Nadja (Puyo Puyo)

pso20140913_060549_015 pso20140913_060558_016

Student Replica S Steel/スチューデントS・レプカ鋼
Katanako (7th Dragon 2020)

Karen Replica/カレン・レプカ
Karen Erra (Phantasy Star Universe)

pso20140913_060622_017 pso20140913_060632_018

Madoka’s Clothes/まどかの服
Madoka Kaname (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

King of Knights Armour 騎士王の甲冑
Saber (Fate/Stay Night)

pso20140913_060644_019 pso20140913_060654_020

Corps Uniform & 3DMG/兵団制服&
Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Shinsengumi Captain’s Haori/新選組隊長羽織F
Female version of Ryoma’s outfit (Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin)

pso20140913_060703_021 pso20140913_060722_023

Ulala Replica/うらら・レプカ
Ulala (Space Channel 5)

Altina Replica Cherry Blossomアルティナ・レプカ桜
Altina (Shining Blade)

pso20140913_060735_024 pso20140913_060749_025

Kagamine Rin Replica/鏡音リン・レプカ
Kagamine Rin (Vocaloid)

Fei-Yen 1P/フェイ・イェン 1P
Fei-Yen (Cyber Troopers Virtual On Force)

pso20140913_060815_027 pso20140913_060823_028

If you want to spend an afternoon gawping at the full range of male, female and Cast outfits available in PSO2 then the best place to do that is almost definitely over here – Cirnopedia

Got a favourite? Looking forward to the next batch? Either leave a comment below or send me a message on Twitter!