New database entry! Chakushin Melody Damon

I like to think that I have relatively good taste in games, my razor-sharp nerd-dar silently guiding me through the endless piles of middling-to-poor releases towards more interesting titles like Ougon Musou Kyoku and English of the Dead. There comes a point though in every gamer’s life where they encounter something so obviously… naff that they simply have to buy it, and for me that game was Chakushin Melody Damon.

2014-09-08 10.14.03

Even now, after a few weeks of owning the damned thing, I still find that cover plain weird. As a ringtone composer for Japanese mobile phones that are all either in landfill or museums I can understand the faux-metal background and the various phones on the cover, but that cat? It’s like someone decided that phones weren’t friendly enough for software cases and hurriedly thought “Help, what’s cute and generally inoffensive? Err…umm… I know, cats!” then Photoshopped in the first furball image they came across.

Should you still be curious enough or somehow have access to a working fifteen year old imported phone that just has to have a Gundam ringtone on it you can find out the facts about this little oddity here – Click!.