New game special! Looking forward to htoL#NiQ

***Update: This post seems to be strangely popular for some reason, so it's only fair to warn those reading this that you should also check out my post-play write up too, ominously titled "HtoL#NiQ: An apology".***

Yes, “htoL#NiQ” really is the title of Nippon Ichi’s upcoming PS Vita game! Thankfully they’ve been kind enough to furnish us with a pronunciation – “Hotaru no Nikki”, which is what we’ll call it for the rest of this post.

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The game’s official genre is “Light and shadow action”, which isn’t much use to anyone if I’m honest. From what’s been shown so far the player has to guide the amnesiac Mion through the ruins of the dystopian city she wakes up in, guided and aided by two fireflies – one relatively normal one and a “shadow” firefly, that seems to allow you to switch to the “shadow world” and manipulate bstacles that are otherwise blocking Mion’s progress. So, a puzzle-platformer with fantastic graphics and a rather bleak setting if we’re going to speak plainly about it.

Of particular interest is the limited edition of the game: in what’s probably a sign of things to come, the limited edition (which will include an artbook, soundtrack and some badges as well as the game) is the only physical edition of Hotaru no Nikki – once that’s sold out the game’s download-only. It’s not the way things would go in an ideal world, but on the other hand if the options are this or nothing then having a limited edition physical release is surely better than none at all.

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Details are rather scarce at the moment as the Japanese press only released this information yesterday and the official website went up a few hours ago, but as I’ve got this one preordered I’ll be keeping a close eye on it and try to get a fresh post up when there’s more news available. One thing I can tell you right now is the release date, which is currently the 19th of June.

By the way, do take the time to “play” on the official website – you can use your firefly to guide Mion around, including up ladders – there’s a reward for those who apply a bit of thought and go exploring, so take a few minutes to do so!

If you’re interested enough to preorder doing so through this link will earn me a bit of spare change at no extra expense or hassle to you; sorry for the plug but every little bit of commission I earn makes it easier to afford shiny new games for the site!

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