Let’s go! Sakura Taisen LP START!


It’s time to get off my backside and make sure I don’t neglect my little blog while I’m busy writing lots of fun pieces for Nintendo Life (seriously, they’re lovely people), and what better way to do that than by fulfilling a request from my good friend sharc (responsible for the excellent LSD piece on this very blog) and LP’ing my way through a Sakura Taisen game?

So I’m going to play through the Playstation 2 remake of the first game in the series – not just to be different for the sake of it, but because out of all the numerous formats this game’s ended up on (five, including this one) this version is the only one that really revamps the original rather than merely giving it a bit of a touch-up.

I’m calling this a “Let’s Play”, although as I understand it real Let’s Plays tend to be done as videos with audio commentary these days – that’s nice, but I just don’t have the time to organise something like that so I’m going to do a series of text/screenshot posts instead. Whether that makes it authentic or not is up to you, but I’ll carry on waffling about this excellent game regardless, and I hope you pop in here along the way to enjoy the ride.

Obviously I’ll be summarising scenes as I go through them but if you’d like to follow along word-by-word I recommend Kayama’s translation, which can be found on GameFAQs here. There will be some differences between that text and the Playstation 2 version of the game, but unless I’m unaware of any recent developments it’s still the best English translation available, so it’ll have to do.

Oh, and while I’ll be nice to everyone (the cast are all too charming to be outright mean too) my choices will favour food-guzzling martial artist Kanna seeing as she’s my personal favourite character, and I thought Sakura’s had enough attention at this point anyway. Here we go!

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