It took twenty one years, but Hidden Palace Zone is finally here!

Following on from the excellent remake-ish-port-upgrades of Sonic CD and the original Sonic the Hedgehog comes, at last, Sonic the Hedgehog 2. There’s what we may now call “the usual” upgrades – proper widescreen support and expanded character selections (Knuckles can be selected right from the start, no unlocking required) – but what really sets the fangirl’s heart aglow is the inclusion of the fabled Hidden Palace Zone, finally given an official release after over two decades.

2013-12-13 09.15.272013-12-13 09.17.48

It was well worth the wait, and includes all the little bits-and-bobs I’ve been gawking at on websites like Sonic Retro for as long as I’ve had internet. There’s also at least one surprise in the level too, but it’s a bit too soon to spoil it for anyone how hasn’t played it yet. So this is yet another quality remake – here’s hoping Sonic 3 isn’t too far behind!

 2013-12-13 09.33.402013-12-13 09.36.19