Genso Suikoshiden

Original Title


February 2006

Genso Suikoshiden (“shiden” meaning  “historical record”) was a free promotional DVD given away with preorders and early Japanese purchases of Suikoden V and Suikoden I & II. Information is split into five distinct categories – promotional video footage, information on the 108 stars (Suikoden I – IV only), an interview with key Suikoden V staff, album information and music samples and finally a brief overview of upcoming Suikoden V merchandise.

The promotional footage contains Japanese TV commercials, opening movies and promotional clips from Suikoden I – IV as well as both Suikogaiden games and Rhapsodia (AKA: Suikoden Tactics). Character data gives a short paragraph on the 108 stars of Suikoden I – IV, as well as a few significant NPCs (Luca Blight, for example) and a brief introduction to each of the four games.

There’s a “Web version Suikoshiden” here -, although it bears no relation to the contents of this disc.

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