Falcom month–join in!

It’s always nice when a neat little idea snowballs into something bigger and better, and thanks to apricotsushi of Chic-Pixel an idle tweet I made about getting through my shameful backlog of Ys titles has turned January 2014 into Falcom month (or #Falcomonth, for those of you cool enough to use hashtags).


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is a simple one – pick a Falcom game, play it, and let us know how much fun you had on the way. Screenshots, tweets, blog posts… it’s all good, just grab yourself whatever Falcom game you have to hand – even SNES Brandish – and get gaming! I’ve gone for Ys Origin as I already had it installed and I could use an Ys-flavoured warm up before I dive into Ao no Kiseki – what will you play?