Dragon Quest phone now on sale!

Regular merchandising has never been quite enough for Dragon Quest, but in recent years fans of the series have been especially well-served and can now type emails on their Dragon Quest keyboards about their Dragon Quest salt and pepper shakers while taking a break from playing on their Dragon Quest 3DS and munching on some Dragon Quest shortcake.
But even that wasn’t enough and now, in partnership with Docomo/Sharp, there’s an official Dragon Quest smartphone too!
img_design01 (2)
The phone itself is actually a Sharp Aquos Phone Zeta SH-01F with a unique “Metal Slime” coloured back and to be honest I expected the differences to end there… so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the entire OS has been rebranded and stuffed full of Slimes and iconic Dragon Quest imagery, even going so far as to include lots of Dragon Quest terms in the autofill/autocorrect dictionary (which might actually be pretty annoying in practise). There’s also a free copy of the new Dragon Quest VIII mobile port included as well as “Dragon Quest Itsudemo Bouken Dice”, which appears to be exclusive to DoCoMo phones as far as I can see.
Import fans might be pleased to know that there are currently some Japanese eBayers selling these phones for around £580/$950USD/€960, although I imagine you’ll have to grab them quick before they’re gone for good.