Confirmed: Samurai Spirits 2: Asura Zanmaden has an ending!

“SNK boss syndrome” is real, and in my opinion Asura Zanmaden has the “best” example out of SNK’s entire catalogue.
The first hurdle to overcome is the arcade-only nature of the game, meaning you don’t have the luxury of pausing for a breather while you go Google boss FAQs or have a little cry in the corner – Asura Zanmaden demands you try it over and over and over until you either finally defeat Yuga or you calmly get up and take the heaviest implement you can find to the PCB. I’d tried it a few times before; I even tried to be clever and reduce the rounds needed to win to one, but that actually makes the game tougher because you still need to beat Yuga’s male and female forms anyway – only now Yuga has to beat you just once to win the match!
Then of course we get onto the fight itself, which isn’t so much of a battle but more like “How will Yuga utterly destroy you this time?”. It was a soul-crushing experience that was only solved once I’d given up any idea of playing properly and regressed to the button mashing style of my youth, and even then I’ve only been lucky enough to beat him/her once!
But in any case, the real reason for this post was just to show badly photographed shots of the end credits in case anyone ever wondered what they looked like, so here we go!
2013-12-14 15.07.48-12013-12-14 15.08.102013-12-14 15.08.282013-12-14 15.08.292013-12-14 15.08.36-22013-12-14 15.09.27-12013-12-14 15.08.412013-12-14 15.08.432013-12-14 15.08.51-22013-12-14 15.08.572013-12-14 15.08.582013-12-14 15.09.032013-12-14 15.09.052013-12-14 15.09.11-12013-12-14 15.09.122013-12-14 15.09.172013-12-14 15.09.202013-12-14 15.10.082013-12-14 15.10.09-12013-12-14 15.09.332013-12-14 15.09.392013-12-14 15.09.412013-12-14 15.09.462013-12-14 15.09.482013-12-14 15.09.532013-12-14 15.09.562013-12-14 15.10.002013-12-14 15.10.032013-12-14 15.10.162013-12-14 15.10.23-12013-12-14 15.10.23-32013-12-14 15.10.29-12013-12-14 15.10.302013-12-14 15.10.362013-12-14 15.10.39-12013-12-14 15.10.432013-12-14 15.10.452013-12-14 15.10.522013-12-14 15.10.582013-12-14 15.10.142013-12-14 15.11.452013-12-14 15.10.592013-12-14 15.11.052013-12-14 15.11.082013-12-14 15.11.132013-12-14 15.11.152013-12-14 15.11.21-22013-12-14 15.11.37-12013-12-14 15.11.382013-12-14 15.11.432013-12-14 15.11.51