New blog post! Mega Drive game Shura no Mon

It took a long time to get my head around this game – it’s a pretty strict simulation of the more strategic side of turning people black and blue, and neither the battles themselves or the manual do a fantastic job of explaining what’s going on. Fights tend to go on for a long time and as there’s no visual clue that your opponent’s about to attack I always felt like they were interrupting me, especially irritating when you end up getting hoofed in the face when you’re just trying to build up your fighting spirit gauge. But having said all that it does at least deserve some respect for not going directly for the easiest route and becoming yet another sub-par 90’s Street Fighter clone (unlike the Playstation Shura no Mon game, which apparently scored terribly in Famitsu at the time) even if it didn’t end up setting the game world alight.

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