Cave’s latest shmup… sort of. Donpacchin!

So this is the latest title from the once-hardcore shmup developer, and it’s a free to play smartphone game. The alarm bells were so loud they were practically deafening but hey – you can’t go wrong with free can you?

2013-11-25 06.59.28

No, not really. In a way. It’s a free to play game, and it contains a lot of the usual free to play “traps” – there’s a fatigue system, upgradeable/purchasable minions (obtained through the ubiquitous “gacha” system) and a straight up shop. The actual shmupping is also err… a bit basic, as you can only move left to right, shoot (happens so long as your finger’s on the screen), use a charge shot (unlocked in area 3) and collect stars to unleash your super-duper attack of doom. There’s also far more to collect than there ever is to dodge.

2013-11-25 09.39.332013-11-25 09.41.53

But it’s a little unfair to compare it to their past efforts; the game’s designed to be a time killer - something to do in a queue or on a coffee break, at no point was this ever intended to usurp DoDonPachi.

2013-11-25 07.57.482013-11-25 08.44.39

So I’ve been pretty negative, but I won’t be uninstalling it just yet. It’s fun enough if taken as intended, even if it’s not something any Cave fan’s ever been dying to play. You can try it out for your self on iOS or Android (both currently Japan only) – let me know what you think!

Official Donpacchin website here -