A celebration of pixel art: PC-98 version

Thanks to a combination of Project EGG, Falcom (as always), and Davzz posting jump heroscreenshots on Twitter every day I’m right in the mood for some PC-98 gaming at the minute, but instead of just yakking on about a random bunch of games I like (again) I thought I’d share some beautiful pixel art instead – and hopefully do this again in the future for a few more formats too.

The PC-98 series of computers first debuted way back in the 80s but it turned out to be a very popular piece of kit and had strong support right through until it finally petered out in the late 90’s; assimilated into Windows and IBM-compatible computers rather than outright defeated in the end. It doesn’t have the same kind of raw technical capabilities of other home computers from the same sort of timeframe, such as the Amiga 500 or Sharp’s X68000 powerhouse, but that certainly didn’t stop lots of creative developers from making some fantastic images with it anyway.


Legend of Heroes 2Crisp anime colouring and outlining worked really well on the PC-98, and the likes of Falcom, Compile and TGL weren’t afraid of creating extravagant intro sequences (on their own 5” floppies!) to show off the work they produced. As hard drives gradually became more commonplace unique in game art featured more and more, with games like Princess Maker 2 coming on a frankly ridiculous twelve discs chock-full of artwork.

But in any case, less talk more pictures! There’s no particular reason for the images I’ve chosen other than that  I think they do a good job of showing off some of the different techniques used by artists on the system. If all’s gone to plan then the image hovertext should tell you the name of the game it came from, I hope you enjoy them!




Farland Story


Princess Maker 2

Ranma PopfulMail