Spooky time! WhiteDay: A labyrinth named school

So, the original intent after finishing this Korean horror game was to get a nice tidy database entry up and call it done, but I can’t do that because first of all I must impress on everyone that if you’re going to play just one creepy game this year, it really has to be WhiteDay.

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You play as Hui-Min, a Korean schoolboy sneaking into his new school in the evening to leave some chocolates for the girl he likes (“White Day” itself basically being Asian Valentine’s Day) to discover the next day. The slight problem being that his school’s full of spirits, cursed souls and caretakers with a distinctly murderous streak.

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What makes the game exceptional is the palpable sense of dread and fear that the game keeps up right until the credits roll. There’s actually not a lot of enemies in total, but the ones that are there are very dangerous and will not stop until you’re dead. The caretakers in particular are a great example of this, possessing a natural field of vision that will span the whole room and they won’t stop searching the instant you’re out of view or because you shut a door on them. Crouching in the dark behind some lockers and hoping the sound of the keys jangling on their waist will fade away into the distance isn’t an experience I’m going to forget and it’s not one any gamer should miss out on.

The absolute best thing though is that for once I have a little good news to finish off with – there’s a working and pretty much 99% complete English translation patch available, meaning you don’t need to read Korean to appreciate this fantastic game. Grab that patch from the lovely people here - http://www.unnamedstudios.net/p/whiteday.html You’ll still need to source the game yourself mind, but WhiteDay is well worth the effort – enjoy, and make sure you share your experiences of the game with me!

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