Postcards from Crossbell City

So I finished Zero no Kiseki this morning, and it was… well, more than a bit good. OK, I got a bit teary sobbed like a small child at the ending. It was brilliant, and I’m a fool for leaving it this long.

Anyway! What I really wanted to share about my Zero experience were the various beautiful locations found in and around Crossbell City, some of which you can see below (Chinese PC release screenshots). From a technical point of view there’s not all that much going on, especially by today’s standards – it’s all a bit low-poly with lots of “cheat” light effects and 2D sprite details - but the designs are so interesting and well done that it doesn’t matter in the slightest and it’s a real show of the obvious talent’s of Falcom’s art and design team.

bandicam 2013-09-25 01-16-50-564bandicam 2013-09-26 09-48-28-869ED_ZERO 2013-05-22 13-52-25-79ED_ZERO 2013-05-14 11-46-19-09ED_ZERO 2013-05-14 11-47-08-34ED_ZERO 2013-05-14 13-08-45-92

Before I started I was more than a bit concerned about how visually interesting a game set largely within a single city be, but as the scenes below hopefully show there’s a real diversity in the various districts and streets here. Not only that but there’s a feeling that the city could really work and not everything’s there just for the sake of the plot or player convenience.

ED_ZERO 2013-05-15 10-34-17-00ED_ZERO 2013-05-15 10-48-05-44ED_ZERO 2013-05-15 11-15-27-17ED_ZERO 2013-05-15 11-16-39-86ED_ZERO 2013-05-15 11-18-21-57ED_ZERO 2013-05-19 06-00-38-90

Oh and this photo down here? It was just too lovely to leave out!

bandicam 2013-10-02 10-00-57-415