Japanese arcade top ten: 22nd Sept~5th Oct 2013

I thought it’d be nice to have a little look at last week’s Japanese arcade top ten, as reported by Famitsu. Now this data’s pulled from just twenty arcades spread around Japan, but it at least gives us some idea of what’s popular at the moment.

The Tekken and Taiko no Tatsujin cabinet shots aren’t exactly the right releases, but they’re close enough to give everyone the general idea. Click on the Japanese names to be taken directly to the official Japanese website!

10:World Club Champion Football Inter-continental Clubs 2011-2012 (Sega)

 ワールドクラブ チャンピオンフットボール インターコンチネンタルクラブス 2011-2012

Sega’s long-running card based football game.


9: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited (Bandai-Namco)

 鉄拳タッグトーナメント2 アンリミテッド

Tekken Tag 2 with knobs on.


8: Sega Network Taisen Mahjong MJ5 (Sega)

セガネットワーク対戦麻雀 MJ5

Arcade mahjong so hardcore it’s been approved by the Nihon Pro Mahjong Association!


7: Taiko no Tatsujn (March 2013 version)


New tracks include a Pokemon gym medley and a Hatsune Miku collaboration.


6: Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4

湾岸ミッドナイト MAXIMUM TUNE4

Based on the manga of the same name with music by the legendary Yuzo Koshiro. Wangan Midnight 5 loketests start on the 19th of October!

002 (1)

5: Sengoku Taisen -1590 Aoi Kanbasshyu ni Tatsu- (Sega)

 戦国大戦 -1590 葵 関八州に起つ-

Not content with cornering the market of Sangokushi-era arcade games, Sega have in the past few years moved on from Chinese themed warfare to similar-but-different Japanese versions of their apparently evergreen arcade card game.


4: Border Break Union Ver.3.0A (Sega)

 ボーダーブレイク ユニオン Ver.3.0A

I gave Border Break a good going over here, so I’ll just say that this is a game I’m aching to play but probably never will.


3: Kidou Senshi Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost (Bandai-Namco)

 機動戦士ガンダム エクストリームバーサス フルブースト

2vs2 Gundam arena battles featuring a ridiculous amount of Gundam from twenty seven different series.


2: Lord of Vermilion III (Square-Enix)

 ロード オブ ヴァーミリオンIII

Square Enix continue their surprising but not unpleasant success in Japanese arcades with the latest Lord of Vermilion game. If you want more info I wrote a little bit about the game here back when it was on loketest.



1: Kidou Senshi Gundam Senjou no Kizuna (Bandai-Namco)

 機動戦士ガンダム 戦場の絆

This is a 4vs4 Gundam game with an immersive 180° dome shaped screen that looks fantastic but would without question give me motion sickness before I’d even sat down.


While there’s a definite trend for card-based games and Gundam (business as usual really) I think just looking at the games on this list arcades are really back in their stride in Japan -  gamers are getting a unique experience that they can’t get on consoles or PC and thanks to physical collectable cards and dedicated mobile websites they can even take something of that away with them and tinker with outside the arcade too.