Halloween treats, Dragon Quest style!

Luida’s Bar has been around for a few years now, an official themed Dragon Quest eatery in the Roppongi district of Tokyo. A million miles away from the various Mario/Pac Man tins filled with generic mints that pass for video game food over here, this place has an excellent menu of quality food based on or disguised as Dragon Quest (and Final Fantasy) meals, all presented with meticulous attention to detail.

They even do holiday specials! Take a look at the Halloween “Pumpkin head special Mont Blanc”, filled with a thick pumpkin cream -


If that doesn’t take your fancy here are a few treats from the current menu -


“Dragon’s right arm ham” and “Mysterious nut combination platter” – including luck seeds (cashews) and stamina seeds (almonds)


“Golden slime demi omelette” and “Yangus’ bandit-style pork grill”


Drinks aren’t ignored either, with a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic themed beverages on offer, including “elf medicine” (left) and “street corner beer” (right).


Personally speaking I’d really have to try the pork skewers and “elf medicine” – if only to see that wonderful flask! How about you?

You can view the full mouth-watering selection of meals on the official LUIDA’S BAR website here - link

(Another bonus is that this post knocks that freaky screenshot from WhiteDay off the top of my blog, so I’ll sleep a little easier tonight!)