Bits and bobs: Genso Suikoden II Art Works


This 41 page promotional booklet appears to have been a giveaway or preorder item for the Japanese release of Suikoden 2 although info is rather scarce so I’m having trouble confirming exactly how people got hold of it. However it happened this item was at least definitely not a standard piece of merchandise as there’s a handy “Not for sale” mark on the back corner.



As you’d quite rightly expect the majority of this almost all-colour booklet (only eight pages are monochrome) is given over to art and illustrations although rather than merely reprinted character art there’s also a small selection of rough sketches and location work too. The rest manages to pack in a nice variety of information – there’s a staff Q&A section where everyone had to answer five questions: Name, job description, commuting time to work, shoe size and their memories of the development process. There are thirty entries in total, ranging from the insightful to the bizarre!


The other piece that may be of interest to fans of the series are a short series of four vignettes that give little glimpses into various parts of the Suikoden 2 setting, such as Riou and Nanami’s family life and the tensions between the Highland Kingdom and the Jowston city-states. If there’s a bit of interest I’ll try to find the time to translate them and get them added to the blog.

The booklet ends on a light note with the four silly comics you see below, followed by the full staff list (written in English).


If anyone knows how this was originally distributed please leave a comment, I’d love to know!