Xuan Yuan Jian 6 news! Release date and limited edition on the way!

So I was casually browsing Amazon.cn like we all do and I noticed something wonderful in the upcoming releases – Xuan Yuan Jian 6! I knew it was due this year (see here), but to see it up for preorder and due out on the 10th of August sent me into a giddy fangirl haze. Just as I was recovering from the news I noticed something even better – there’s a special edition in the works! Now this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone – Chinese game publishers are so into special editions they have special-special editions (really!) - but even so it’s nice to see a proper product image up there, whispering to me in my dreams.

Not that it needs to, I just asked my long-suffering friend to preorder the special edition for me!

If you’d like to check out a load of videos and images for this game please have a look around the official website here.