Sega at Comiket 84!

If you aren’t familiar with Comiket, imagine the sort of anime/game/doujin convention you dream about – then make it even bigger. If that’s not descriptive enough I suppose you could always check the English Wikipedia page instead, which is probably what sensible people do.

Anyway! The reason for this post is to show off all the delicious exclusive items Sega will be peddling at booth 223 over the summer Comiket period (Aug 10 – 12). There’s a nice combination of current series merchandise (Border Break, Hatsune Miku, Sengoku Taisen) and shout-outs to older Sega sweethearts like the Saturn and the Mark III.

It seems like there are going to be items other than the ones shown below (the booth info mentions Phantasy Star Online 2, but there’s nothing specifically mentioned), but so far this is all the information we’ve got.

Border Break

Fanbook, cap, mugs, towel, t-shirt




Virtual On

Novel (44 pages, 40 of which are text), t-shirt, mugs


Hatsune Miku

T-shirt, clear files, tapestries


Senjou no Valkyria (AKA: Valkyria Chronicles)

Drama CD (data discs – tracks are stored as mp3s rather than audio tracks) with a serial code for Senjou no Valkyria DUEL, two sets of clear files


Project 575

iPhone 5 cover, drawstring pouch (phone sized), towel, t-shirts


基本 CMYK575_Tシャツ_ホワイト_入稿


Sega Hard Girls

I should probably point out they’re referring to Sega hardware personified as girls here :)

Clear files, mug


Sega Hard[ware]

T-shirt, Saturn glasses cases with matching cloth


MJ5 Evolution

(Arcade mahjong game)

Coin/card case and a portable ashtray o.O


Sengoku Taisen

144 page illustration book with unique EX Rare card and bonus digital goods


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look at Sega’s rarer merchandise! Let me know in the comments section below which one you covet the most!