Bits and bobs: The Legend of Heroes VII Secret Visual Guide Book

This little 31 page booklet was the sole reason I snapped up Ys Seven on Japanese release way back in September 2009!


A full year before Zero no Kiseki came out this little promo item was just about the biggest and best source of information on the game; it’s in full colour throughout and shows rough character sketchs, location illustrations in various states of tidiness and a bit at the back with some car/train designs and logo works. You’d think that as the game’s old news at this point this little thing would have lost some of its lustre but thanks to Falcom’s willingness to share unfinished and work-in-progress material it’s still more than worth a flip through today.



The booklet’s almost entirely text free so there’s no real insights to be had but it is interesting to note that at this point the game was simply referred to as “The Legend of Heroes VII” with no “Kiseki” moniker in sight and the only main characters shown are Lloyd and Elie. From memory there doesn’t appear to be any unused or significantly changed material between this and the released game, which probably implies that Falcom plan things more carefully than most or they fretted over what to include for a long time so any unused concepts could be recycled later and nobody would be any wiser.