Phantasy Star Online 2 es closed beta test coming soon!


Sega have just opened applications for the smartphone portion of Phantasy Star Online 2. It appears that the application process will run from today (9th June) to the 16th of July with the actual beta starting at an unspecified date this summer. To participate you must have a) an active PSO2 character and b) an Android smartphone (v2.3 or above).



What the beta and by extension the “es” game itself actually entails doesn’t seem to be too clear yet other than the fact that it interacts with your standard PSO2 character data and there’s some sort of battle system in there, but obviously more details will come with time. One thing we do know is that anyone who manages to raise a character in PSO2es to level 20 gets a nice hat, a triboost and a FUN500 ticket.


Excited? You can wrestle with the Japanese registration process by scanning the QR code at the bottom of this page – link

The Phantasy Star Online Episode 2 news that used to live here has been expanded with even more images and now lives here - link!

Images copied from Famitsu