Phantasy Star Online 2: CODE: EPISODE 2 announced!

So it started off as a trickle, nothing more than a footnote as the bottom of my previous post, and by the end of the day I’ve got enough information and screenshots that it really should have one of its own!

So, here’s everything that I’ve been able to find out about PSO2 Ep2 so far:

Phantasy Star Online 2: CODE: EPISODE 2 has just been announced and is due out this summer. There’s two new weapon types (katana, bullet bow), a new “Braver” class, a new playable race (Dumans, originally from Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity) and new enemies/bosses and new areas – the first being a seaside field.

The physical PC premium pack is due out on 17 July and will include 8 item codes (these codes can also be used by Vita players) and a 10 track mini soundtrack CD, price 6279 Yen. Items include useful things (scape dolls, etc), cosmetics (PSU outfits and a colour change pass), weapons from the two new classes, 30 days premium acccess and a FUN1000 ticket.



They’ve also tweeted a roadmap for the rest of the year highlighting when certain features are due to be rolled out – level 65 and super hard mode are due in October, and new fields are due in September and November (amongst other updates).


More images from Famitsu showing some of the new features: