New range of Shin Sekaiju no Meikyuu: Millenium no Shoujo merchandise!

That rather lengthy title will probably come off the tongue better under its slightly less complicated English title “Etrian Odyssey Untold: Millenium Girl”… in any case, Dezaegg have now revealed their relatively extensive range of Millenium Girl themed phone cases, 3DS stick-on covers and other bits. As you’d expect from something plastered with Yuji Himukai’s art (it’s probably his, anyway) they look effortlessly fantastic! iPhone users get plastic cases and front cover stickers (with a neat downloadable wallpaper to match), but Android users aren’t neglected for once and while they don’t get the front sticker they are catered for with cases made to suit several popular handsets.



The 3DS covers come in both standard and LL/XL sizes, with each handheld getting the same three designs -


The collection’s finished off with two sets of small posters and a very nice tapestry that I’d love to own but probably never will -



Everything’s due to go on sale on the 18th of July.

You can mentally bankrupt yourself by drooling over the full range here, much like I’ve just done.