Impatiently waiting for… Arcadias no Ikusa Hime


So the official website for Nippon Ichi’s upcoming action RPG opened yesterday and I’m already excited, especially as this gorgeous looking 2D beat ‘em up/RPG hybrid is going to be on Playstation 3 (due 26th of September) rather than relegated to handhelds.


Pruem is the main character (affectionately referred to as “Pu-chan” by her adoring people), the Battle Princess of the Shuvelt kingdom (all romanisations are currently unofficial at this point) and it’s the player’s job to get her beating up protecting her people from giant pandas to more traditional monsters. At this point it looks like there will be five different locations in which to harass the resident wildlife population and a ton of different weapons and skills to inflict upon them. Other characters will be able to join Pruem on her quest, each with their own fighting style.system_battle_style_pruem_img00

Nippon Ichi promise some neat little details too, such as weapon changes being properly reflected on the character sprite. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s always a lot of work in a 2D game!


All images taken from the official website - link!