Happy accidents

In my latest bundle of Saturn games was a copy of Fire Pro Wrestling S, AKA the only sort of wrestling anything I’ve ever enjoyed. This joy soon turned to dismay though as I opened up the case and realised I had been given two Japanese demo discs instead of my promised Burly Man Simulator (the seller has already apologised and sent a replacement). Seeing as I had the discs in front of me and a Japanese Saturn just a few inches away I thought it’d be daft to not at least give them a go…

2013-06-27 18.35.282013-06-27 18.35.44

These discs were originally attached to Japan’s “Tech Saturn” magazine, which was a pretty typical gaming mag of the time. What’s so nice about these is the variety of content on the discs – audio chats with AM2’s publicity guy, some frankly bizarre digital comics and a slew of playable demos and promotional videos. These two discs alone contain a Waku Waku 7 karaoke singalong, a Soukyugurentai demo (complete with “Trial Version” stamp on the title screen), playable Groove On Fight, Magical Drop 3, Quo Vadis 2 and more and the needlessly jiggly Saturn-chan talking about the white Saturn console.

A lot of the playable demos are really cut down as far as they’ll go (you’ll be lucky if you don’t go straight from the title screen to the game), but the selection’s good and combined with the other features on the disc these magazine freebies feel a lot more complete than the official Sega-produced Sega Flash demos we used to get in the UK.

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