Dragon Quest X coming to PC!

Considering how well Final Fantasy’s XI and XIV have done on PC (well, in terms of it being the most widely used and longest-standing format for them) it’s always been a surprise to me that Dragon Quest X didn’t also launch with PC as an alternative format too. That’s all changing though as not only has an official benchmark been released (available through Famitsu and directly through the official Windows website) but the game’s in beta testing and is due out on the 26th of September!

Anyone who downloads and completes the benchmark is eligible for beta testing  – provided they have a Japanese Square Enix account (and live in Japan, the damn thing IP blocks foreigners). The benchmark itself is actually quite engaging for once; instead of throwing a ton of flashy effects they took the time to turn it into a rather lovely story of desire (for an umbrella), joy (earning enough gold for the umbrella), despair (a lack of rain to warrant the use of an umbrella), determination (mis-casting magic spells to try and summon rain for said umbrella) and finally friendship (using the umbrella to shield a Slime from the heat of the sun).

Screenshots below are from the benchmark running on medium settings – enjoy!

DQXBenchMain 2013-06-22 17-30-16-46DQXBenchMain 2013-06-22 17-30-32-81DQXBenchMain 2013-06-22 17-31-10-74DQXBenchMain 2013-06-22 17-31-32-11DQXBenchMain 2013-06-22 17-31-49-35DQXBenchMain 2013-06-22 17-31-52-71DQXBenchMain 2013-06-22 17-32-09-41DQXBenchMain 2013-06-22 17-32-20-63DQXBenchMain 2013-06-22 17-32-26-03DQXBenchMain 2013-06-22 17-33-34-06DQXBenchMain 2013-06-22 17-33-26-55DQXBenchMain 2013-06-22 17-33-58-51DQXBenchMain 2013-06-22 17-30-42-58DQXBenchMain 2013-06-22 17-35-14-75DQXBenchMain 2013-06-22 17-35-45-83DQXBenchMain 2013-06-22 17-36-04-25DQXBenchMain 2013-06-22 17-36-14-79DQXBenchMain 2013-06-22 17-36-37-34