New database update! Doujin shmup Aurorablast2

Dwm 2013-05-23 11-59-03-97

It would appear that my mind is still reeling from notoriously obtuse doujin shmup Hellsinker, as the only similar games it’s allowed me to enjoy recently are more straightforward affairs like today’s new entry, Aurorablast2.

Aurorablast2 is noticeably “more” doujin than a lot of other independently created games – Paint Tool SAI is listed as one of the tools used to create the graphics and the packaging would probably be politely described as “rustic” if it weren’t a computer game – but in many ways that makes it far more true to its roots than a lot of other indie titles that just-so-happen to have ex-professional artists on board or have been in development so long they were once considered for release on the Jaguar.

This is a good fun shmup and a nice way to spend half an hour on your PC - go have a look!

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