New Database Addition: Sora no Kiseki Entry Book!

It’s always nice when you go looking for something and end up finding something else that’s more interesting – as I did this morning when I meant to dig out my Sora no Kiseki music CDs and instead found the Entry Book described in the link below.

As is to be expected from what’s essentially nothing more than freebie promotional material there’s not a lot to it - the booklet’s rather slim and the CD could have easily fitted some more artwork on there – but it must have been very exciting at the time and thankfully everything’s in a nice high resolution so even though this CD’s around a decade old we aren’t left squinting at postage stamp size images; the beautiful background artwork shown at the bottom of this post has an original resolution of 4063 x 2551!

But that’s enough chat, go look at the article and see the rest of the goodies for yourself! Link