New Database Addition! Buriki One

Today’s addition is the rather unique Buriki One, on the just-as-unique Hyper Neo Geo 64 arcade board. Due to the lack of playable emulation and having no home ports whatsoever it’s mostly known for being that weird game that uses buttons to move and joysticks to perform moves – and while that’s correct it’s not actually as strange in practise as it sounds. It’s also probably the only videogame fighting tournament that actually takes place in a tournament building and in a proper fighting ring as opposed to the world-hopping antics of both King of Fighters and Street Fighter. This decision to stick with realism also allowed SNK to plaster the game with real-world advertising, probably a necessarily evil at that point in time.

Hopefully emulation will improve down the line, because just like Samurai Spirits: Asura Zanmaden it deserves to be played by more than a handful of gamers.

More details, screenshots (sort of) and a video here!

(Image from the ever-incredible Arcade Flyer Archive)

Dwm 2013-05-05 11-05-41-03