Impatiently Waiting For… Xuan Yuan Jian 6

There are two new PC RPGS due out in China this year; the first is Gu Jian Qi Tan 2 (which I already looked at here) and the second is Xuan Yuan Jian 6, the latest game in Softstar’s RPG series that stretches all the way back to the DOS era.


The official website is full of (rather vague) character and setting information at the moment, although a little digging elsewhere revealed some interesting although subject-to-change tidbits about the gameplay: apparently it’s semi-real time battles this time around as opposed to the usual turn based combat and the dungeons players have to go through are designed to be pretty straightforward so as not to hamper progress. I wouldn’t worry too much about that detail just yet – older games in this series (and “sister” series Xian Jian) are known for dungeon layouts that make Phantasy Star 2 look like child’s play, so hopefully they’re thinking more in line with Xian Jian 5 than Final Fantasy XIII.


Outside the game are two very welcome additions – the first is that Xuan Yuan 6 won’t be using the draconian always-online authentication seen in previous Xuan Yuan game Yun zhi Yao and the second is that they have every intention of releasing the game simultaneously in both Taiwan and mainland China rather than forcing mainlanders to wait (or import) before they can play.

The series has always been good, but now Softstar have a serious rival in Aurogon’s Gu Jian Qi Tan it feels like there’s a real tension between them and they’re both eager to come out of 2013 on top – it’s a great year to be an RPG fan!