Final Fantasy XII Potion Premium Box

Original Title
ポーション プレミアムBOX
7th March 2006
3x8 inches
(outer box)
Suntory’s Final Fantasy potion range began with this Final Fantasy XII version in 2006 and has since expanded to include some very elaborate limited editions (such as the Final Fantasy VII anniversary variant) and some more affordable alternatives too in what amount to not much more than regular drinks cans with Final Fantasy artwork on the sides (Dissidia, for one example).
This particular release came in both standard 120ml plastic bottles priced at 200 Yen and the premium edition pictured below which contains 100ml of liquid and were priced at 630 Yen. The premium editions are blind boxes containing one of six possible bottle tops and one of twenty seven possible art cards, both of which were only available in these packs. A total of three million premium editions were produced.
The drink itself is light blue in colour and the ingredients include royal jelly, sage, thyme, fennel, hyssop, chamomile and similar herbs. The flavour was apparently designed in conjunction with the game’s staff and is meant to be more of a health drink than something consumed just for the flavour.