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Self described as “人類史上最速のSTG” (the fastest shmup in human history), Aurorablast2 plays in a very similar manner to the original Aurorablast by the same doujin group. Unlike a lot of modern shmups Aurorablast2 focuses more on the pleasure of destroying many enemies rather than complex score/chain based play.
There are four difficulty levels to choose from, a total of six stages to work through (five numbered plus “Stage 0”) and optional story dialogue scenes between the player character and the bosses that show up at the end of each stage.
The player has access to a single ship with two shot types that they can switch between at will; the focused shot type being more powerful but lacking the spread of the second shot type. Both shot types share the same power gauge meaning they level up together, although this also means that if the player character is shot down both have their shot power reduced by one.
On the left hand side of the screen are “Extend” and “Power” gauges – the extend gauge fills up whenever chips left behind by defeated enemies are collected, and the power gauge rises as enemies are destroyed. Once the extend gauge has been filled up the player gains an extra life (up to eight) and the gauge resets. The power gauge awards extra firepower in the same way.
Bombs aren’t actually bombs at all in Aurorablast2; instead of a screen clearing blast it’s instead a super-powerful shot that replaces the player’s usual weaponry for a short while. As well as being incredibly damaging it also cancels regular enemy bullets – but not missile-type shots.
A playable demo can be found here, enter “nmt” into the text box and then hit the grey button below it to download.
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