11 Years of Final Fantasy 11!

Today, the 16th of May 2013, marks eleven years of Final Fantasy XI (going off the Japanese release date). That’s a remarkable feat for a game that’s not only considered the oddball entry within its own series (although perhaps more appreciated since Final Fantasy XIV came out…) but also often dismissed as yet another MMO that “failed” against the unstoppable World of Warcraft.


Despite all this negativity Final Fantasy XI has not only survived for eleven years but thrived – last year Yoichi Wada announced that it was the most profitable Final Fantasy ever, and the game has recently received a new boxed expansion, Seekers of Adoulin.

Square-Enix are inviting players to celebrate this occasion with special events both in and outside the game on the special 11th anniversary website – including the chance to have a shield you designed feature in the game! In game prizes range from the standard Mog Bonanza raffle to unique in game items gifted by kindly Moogles, including this years very useful anniversary ring.

Players will also find something’s afoot, with NPC’s and players cursed to look like Moogles! Can brave adventurers undo this mischievous Moogle malady? Log in and find out!

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It would be foolish to wish the game another healthy and successful eleven years of service but it’s always a joy to see something different, difficult, obtuse and yet still somehow wonderful do well when we are constantly told that the only games worth making today are “safe” AAA blockbusters (something that perhaps Square-Enix could do with looking at themselves).