Sega lives!

We all remember the glory days of Sega – Hang-On cabinets in the arcade, playing online on our Dreamcasts, being secretly terrified of Ecco games… well it’s not just gamers that look back fondly on those times, Sega do too! All the images below are of official merchandise from the Sega Store (Japan only, sorry!) right now. They aren’t cheap, but they do cover a wide range of games and it’s nice to see merchandise that goes above and beyond simply reprinting some official art on a shirt.

I’ll start with the Hang-On bike, a strangely cute mash up of 80’s arcade cool and… a regular pedal bike with a basket on the front. The price was listed at 21000 Yen (about £140/$215USD) - it appears there weren’t enough reservations to go into full production, I can only hope whoever ends up with the one used for this photoshoot takes good care of it!



At a mere 3000 Yen (£20/$30USD) this Burning Rangers t-shirt is by far the cheapest piece of merchandise in this post, and it’s fantastic to see not just a personal favourite but something considered long-forgotten brought back, even if it is just in shirt form.



The Dreamcast watch originally came out years ago and was as rare as hens teeth then so it’s great to see it get a “reprint”. The price is still pretty high even at source – 10290 Yen (£68/$105USD) and they’ve already sold out so it looks like a lot of Dreamcast fans will have to hope for another batch in a few years time.



Sega return to the hardware market! Sort of, anyway – a set of four gloriously Sega themed notebooks with four possible sets of specs (specs are decided independently of the case). Apart from the Saturn and Mega Drive lids there’s also a Dreamcast and a generic blue Sega design, so no love for Mark III fans this time around. Prices start at 99750 Yen (£665/$1021USD) and go all the way up to 194250 Yen (£1296/$1988USD) for the premium model.



I thought I’d finish on this rather chunky replica Saturn silver ring. Nothing says “Sega fan” quite like a shining representation of their best and worst console (depending on where you live/like to buy your games from) sitting on your finger. Price? 12600 Yen (£84/$129USD).