Puyo Puyo Tsuu Remix Menu Help

This is my attempt at doing something practical for a change; Puyo Puyo Tsuu Remix is an amazing puzzle game, but for such a simple and familiar concept the menus don't make it very easy for a first-timer to find the mode they actually want to play. I'm hoping this little visual guide will make Puyo-ing on this excellent Super Famicom game a bit more enjoyable for non-Japanese readers.

Main menu

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1) Single player Puyo Puyo

2) Two player Puyo Puyo

3) Everyone Puyo Puyo - 3 & 4 player mode

4) Tokoton Puyo Puyo - Just you and endless Puyos

5) Options


Single Player Puyo Puyo

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1) Easy Puyo Puyo

2) Normal Puyo Puyo

3) Tsuu Mode - face all 33 opponents!


Two player Puyo Puyo

Everyone Puyo Puyo rule settings are in exactly the same order as these.

1)puyo 2)puyo13)Puyo2


1) Normal rules

2) Point Puyo - Clear "garbage" Puyos are replaced with point Puyos

3) Kata Puyo - Clear "garbage" Puyos are replaced with solid Puyos

4) Need to link 6 Puyos before they’ll disappear

5) Need to link 2 Puyos before they’ll disappear

6) Edit rules


Everyone Puyo Puyo first menu (before rules menu)

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MP 3 player Puyo Puyo

MP1 4 player Puyo Puyo

MP2                              Settings

MP3 Back to the title screen


Tokoton Puyo Puyo

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1) Play

2) Example - Shows various chaining examples.

There! That should generally get you where you need to be; I hope this was useful to someone!