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The PC-98 version of Princess Maker 2 came out in 1993,  two years after the first game and is again the lead platform for the sent-from-heaven child raising simulator. Much like the first game it was later ported to pretty much anything going at the time, meaning Princess Maker 2 saw ports on everything from the X68000 and 3D0 to the PC Engine and Dreamcast, and even official translations into both Korean and Chinese (Windows only). An official English version was worked on but never released.
This particular version comes on twelve 5" floppy discs and can be played "raw" using frequent disc swapping, although a hard drive install option is available.
The aim of the game is to raise your daughter (a literal gift from the gods) from the age of ten until she turns eighteen. While the title of the game naturally leans towards aiming to make her a princess there are no right or wrong choices, "bad ends" or similar and the sixty possible endings support absolutely every outcome available to the player, meaning she can end up anything from a noble hero to a farmer - or even something more unsavoury if you don't take the time to teach her a little morality!
How she ends up is largely determined by the scheduler - this planner is where her work, rest and education for the month are selected. Some choices open up as the game progresses but from the very beginning there's a wide range of chores and lessons that will shape her stats and personality. Most tasks will increase her stress levels, if they get too high (for example, if she is forced to work or study all month) then she becomes rude and uncooperative until she is allowed some leisure time; either a simple walk around the town or a pleasant holiday somewhere special - if you can afford it.
While raising your daughter is largely a "hands off" affair where the outcomes of actions are determined by her stats there is one place where she's directly under player control - when she's sent out on RPG-style quests. During these she can wander around an area fighting random monsters and discovering treasure or even new events. If she falls in battle she's always rescued by manservant Cube and whisked back to safety at the expense of a few days lost to allow her to recover.
The PC-98 version of the game includes a few bonus materials inside the box - a telephone card, a "secret book" (it contains development sketches, gag comics and other miscellanea), a quick reference card and a mini soundtrack CD. It's possible that the FM-Towns and X68000 versions contain the same extras, but I can't currently confirm either way.
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