Playing doujin outside Japan–and how we can help

I’ve been waxing on about great doujin games for a long time, and it does frustrate me no end when the only legal way to play them is to import CDs that vanish by the time you hit refresh or to navigate rather confusing Japanese-language download sites… but that’s starting to change as small publishers take the initiative and go to the trouble of giving these games official English language releases. Carpe Fulgur have rightly got a lot of praise and attention for bringing the excellent Chantelise, Recettear and Fortune Summoners to a wider audience – the latter two doing especially well on Steam, but they aren’t the only company bringing us doujin games – Nyu Media currently have both the lovely Croixleur and cute-but-evil Eryi's Action trying to break through onto the service but they are both stuck in Greenlight hell - here and here. Why is Steam so important when both of them are already available to buy not only direct from Nyu Media but also on places like Gamersgate and Desura? It’s really simple – Steam is massive. Steam is that big it’s become the default download service – it’s like having a book and not selling it on Amazon.

This is where we, as gamers, can help.

If we want more doujin – affordable, English language doujin that doesn’t require specialist knowledge to legally acquire – we need to respond to campaigns such as these Greenlight requests to make sure they end up on the biggest download service there is and are given the best chance of succeeding. The benefits are obvious; successful games encourage more doujin circles to work with foreign publishers which can only mean more great games for us all in the future. All I’m asking is that you please take a minute or two out of your day to log into Steam and vote for these two games – they’re well worth playing in their own right but you’ll also be providing doujin a chance to flourish for the future too!

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