Nintendo Sound Selection Vol.1: Peach Healing Music

Original Title
セレクション vol.1 ピーチ
Peach Healing Music is the first CD of a three volume set, each covering a wide range of Nintendo game music all bound by a single theme. The theme of this CD, as the title states, is "healing" so this CD is full of more laid-back and relaxing tunes from both modern and classic Nintendo games. The first 22 tracks are straight copies of the tunes as they are heard in their respective games - including the likes of Wave Race 64, Mario 3 and Metroid Prime. The final four tracks are arrangements made exclusively for this CD; three of the tracks are already present on the CD in their original forms, but one is a special arrangement of the title music to Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru.

The CD was only made available to Japanese Club Nintendo members, as with the rest of the series (and a lot of Nintendo's other soundtracks). You can view scans and a complete tracklist here.