New Database addition! Princess Maker 2 (PC-98)

I've just added Princess Maker 2 to the games database, you can read all about it here. The wonderful little animations that play when you send your daughter out on tasks are always a pleasure to see, but I do find the game a bit repetitive at times even if it is charming. Even so, there's a reason Princess Maker 2 has been ported to almost every gaming device that has ever been - there are obviously a lot of people out there that enjoy turning young ladies into intelligent strategists or princesses (or perhaps bar floozies)!

If anyone was interested, on my first ever playthrough I got the "Queen of Darkness" ending. I was hoping for something a little... nicer, but I genuinely forgot to send her to church. For eight years. What can I say? I was having fun wandering about the land hitting things *shrugs*

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