New Database Addition! Doujin Shmup RefRain ~Prism Memories~ (PC)

This game was bought for me as a present by an incredibly kind soul and I’ve enjoyed every last minute of it; I’m a very lucky lady!

Shmups can be a pretty daunting experience if you don’t have the time to invest in them the way they want you to (no-miss second loops to reach the TLB and all that gubbins), or if they don’t try to kill you instantly they instead throw fourteen different counters and gauges on screen and demand you look at every one of them all the time… but RefRain does neither. That’s not because it’s simplistic or dull, it just has this nice balance where anyone can pick it up and have a good time but there’s also enough going on that if you do spend more time with it (and you should) there’s more to find and an experienced player will be able to do some fancy things that the first-timer can’t.

In any case, great game and the database entry is here.

RefRain 2013-02-20 04-05-56-37RefRain 2013-02-20 04-04-13-94RefRain 2013-02-20 03-59-25-09