Mega Drive Encyclopaedia

Original Title
6x8 inches
The Mega Drive Encyclopaedia is an expanded deluxe version of a Japanese publication called Continue; this quarterly publication covers a wide range of gaming subjects – they kicked off with "Gundam Game Encyclopaedia” and have since tackled everything from idol games to Grand Theft Auto.
This particular set was released a year after the initial Continue Vol. 8 version, polished up and put in a box emblazoned with the classic “16-bit” text and with a miniature Genesis console and cart set on the reverse of the packaging.
The book covers every single game released in Japan for the Mega Drive, Mega CD and the 32X; most games have a short paragraph and a single screenshot, but key titles such as Ecco and Sonic have a page or two dedicated to them.
Games are listed in release order with an index at the back should you wish to look up a particular title. The book is peppered with various columns on a wide range of topics, the Pioneer LaserActive and the continuing appeal of Sonic being just two of them. They also took the time to conduct short interviews with four people responsible for some of the Mega Drive’s classic titles – Yuji Naka (Sonic), Reiko Kodama (Phantasy Star), Kan Naito (Shining Force) and Yoichi Miyaji (Lunar).
The book is 296 pages long, and everything bar the index pages are in full colour.